Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

Cats of the Household wouldn't miss publishing a Halloween edition of The Morning Scratch, mostly because the "way-too-busy" investor loves an opportunity to torture the Cats with dress-up time.
This Halloween, Kat 3 is Avril Lavigne, and she even has her own song: "I don't like your food-treats." Sara is a damsel, but not in distress. "I don't need to be saved," Sara said.
I, Bogdan the editor, am too dignified to wear a costume.
"Nah-uh," Kat 3 said. "You were wearing a rooster costume! I saw it! I saw it!"
Fine, I Bogdan the editor, allowed The Man to put a rooster head on me - but only so that I had a chance to win Karl's NOMS contest.

Here are the Morning Scratch staffers' entries.





Kat 3 as Avril Lavigne
Lyrics from Kat 3's latest song:
[Chorus - to the tune of Avril's "Girlfriend"]
Hey hey, you you
I don't like your food-treats
No way, no way
I think you need some new ones
Hey hey, you you
I could be your connection
Hey hey, you you
I know that you like treats
No way, no way
I know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I'll give you some Temp-tay-shuns.

Editor's note:
While the investor has been busy with ongoing issues with the new Morning Scratch facility, the Cats of the Household have been busy sleeping, eating and well, sleeping. We'd like to thank everyone who has continued to read our previous editions. The humans hope the builder will settle with them during a mediation meeting next month, so they can fix the facility's problems and get back to the important things in life, like producing the Morning Scratch.