Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another conversation with the Investor

Bogdan: Investor! Step into my office. Where have you been?

Investor: What do you mean? Right here. Making you food. Going to work to make money and pay for your treats.

Bogdan: You haven't been to work! Did you see that the last time my newspaper was published was 10 days ago? I thought things were going to change. You promised after my near-death experience that they would. I think I saw light!!

Investor: Oh, Bogga... I've had to go to my other job a lot. And I was sick.

Bogdan: Excuses! We still haven't even posted Secret Paws gift photos! And I wrote thank-you letters that you haven't even mailed! You keep the stamps out of reach, or I'd do it myself. And there are photos of me eating Vishus Deer. I need to show my friends. (P.S. - Deer is good!)

Investor: I'll try harder. I'll try to find time.

Bogdan: Hmph. I still have that Help Wanted ad up. That's a warning, Investor.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bogdan is back!

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

Dear loyal readers:
I am HAPPY to be home. Let me tell you. I LOVE peeing. Being able to PEE is the best feeling EVER. I'm so happy I can pee.
OK. Enough of that. I am dignified.
At first, the humans at the V-E-T office thought I was friendly. Well, by this morning I was feeling great... so what did I show them? The Bogdan we all know and love. No one was going to mess with me. Hissing. Scratching. You name it! And now I'm reporting from The Morning Scratch facility — as it should be.
I'd like to thank you all for your purrrs. It really helped me through.

Bogdan: "Open it up, Sara!"

Bogdan: "I had an IV. I took it like a Mancat."

Bogdan: "The Investor and The Man are looking into new diet options for me. They want to do raw food. Above are Prowl, Instinct, Nature's Variety and Primal. I get to taste-test them all! Eat THAT, Kat 3!"

Bogdan: "I do my part. I eat vishus deer."

Bogdan: "I gotta get rid of the V-E-T smell! ICK!"

"Back to work."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Update on Mr. Bogdan's condition

By Kat 3
Morning Scratch reporter

Dear Readers:
You are all such wonderful furrrrriends! I can't wait to tell Bogdan about all of you stopping by and purring for him. (The V-E-T is mean and wouldn't let me meow to Bogdan over the phone.)
He is doing better, but he can't leave the V-E-T a day early, like Mom had hoped. The catheter has to stay in until tomorrow (Thursday) because there are still some crystals, the V-E-T says. But she also says he is eating and drinking well, and "enjoying his little cage." (You all know Bogdan: THAT can't be true. ENJOYING a cage?) Mom will pick him up tomorrow afternoon if all goes as planned. We should also hear from the V-E-T again tonight.
My Mom has a request: All of you kitties who said this has happened to you and now have to eats special foods (SPECIAL FOODS! NOM NOM NOM), could you please tell us what those special foods are?
Mom and Dad are considering a raw foods diet for us. Isn't that what you do Rocky?? They are vegetarians, though, and a little grossed out about it! (Teehee! Theys silly!) They would do anything for us, though, they say.

Sara: It's OK, Kat 3, our brother will be home soon.

I also apologize that there was no update yesterday. Mom worked a 12-hour day. I don't know if Bogdan told you, but she works at a "real" newspaper, which takes lots of her hours lots of the time.

Purrs to you all! We will visit you all once Bogdan is feeling better.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bogdan whisked away to V-E-T

Kat 3's evening update: Bogdan is feeling better. The V-E-T says he may even get to come home early. There is no more blood in the urine, and his blood work looks fine. The V-E-T says he will get special foods. (I want special foods!!!) Mom is relieved he is OK.
You guys all are the bestest friends. All these get-well purrs and messages! I will tell Bogdan next I talk to him that everycat is purring for him.

By Kat 3
Morning Scratch reporter

Bogdan, the editor, was whisked away to the V-E-T at 2 a.m. Monday by the Investor and the Man (I call them Mom and Dad).
Both of them had recently arrived home from work, and Mom noticed that Bogdan was straining over the litterbox and nothing was happening for him. When Dad lightly squeezed his belly, Bogdan HISSED! While Sara and I ran for cover, Bogdan was forced into the carrier prison box and left the house.
The V-E-T says that Bogdan could not use the facilities because of an obstruction in his urethra. This is apparently common for neutered male kitties.
Bogdan has to stay at the vet for THREE DAYS. Mom is very upset about this. She says she already misses "her Boobuh."
There were crystals and blood in his urine. According to Mom, he is getting help peeing right now, and there is still blood in the urine. The V-E-T said Bogdan should be fine, because the problem was likely caught early, and when he was brought in to the V-E-T office, his temperature was normal and he had just eaten dinner (a sign he wasn't feeling too terrible).
We are still waiting to hear back on the blood work to make sure no long-term damage was done.

Morning Scratch reporter Kat 3 is following this story. She will post updates as often as possible.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Help Wanted: Investor needed for cat daily

INVESTOR: A Bogdan Enterprises newspaper in the Cat Blogosphere seeks a full-time Investor. Successful applicants will have at least one year's experience in feeding, petting and playing with cats. Only applicants with opposable thumbs will be considered.
The Investor will be expected to perform the following tasks, though duties will not be limited to these: Upkeep of the Morning Scratch newspaper facility, including litter box duties and general cleanup. Prompt delivery of food at feeding times twice a day. Temtayshun delivery at editor's and reporters' request. Typing of daily newspaper articles for the editor and reporters (this means the successful applicant needs to talk "cat"). Position will include night and weekend work.
To apply, contact Bogdan, editor of The Morning Scratch.

The Morning Scratch staff