Friday, January 20, 2012

Local Cats Hit 'Tasty Jackpot'

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

THE GARAGE, Calif. — The Man allowed hundreds of kibbles of deliciousness to be spilled onto The Garage floor Wednesday evening, to the delight of local cats, police said Friday.

The incident occurred just as local cats were about to be served dinner. After the man took the top off a tupperware of kibble, he momentarily turned his back, police said. That's when an unidentified cat jumped onto the counter and pushed the bucket off and onto the floor.

"Sh**," The Man texted the Investor as the incident unfolded.

Cats from near and far heard the sound of hundreds of kibbles hitting the floor and rushed to the scene. A feeding frenzy followed. 

"Busy eating," Jeff said as kibbles fell out of his mouth.

"It was like hitting a tasty jackpot!" Kat 3 screeched. "I've never seen so much kibble at once in my life! I was starving... I hadn't eaten in at least two hours!"

After the incident, local cats were full, sluggish and quickly fell asleep, according to witnesses.

Officials in the Household couldn't be reached for further comment about the incident Friday afternoon.

Editor's note: Bogdan, the editor, may have eaten a kibble or two (or maybe three) while reporting for this article, but only to give readers a more accurate account of the incident.


The Island Cats said...

Whoohoo!! It's a regular feast!!

Elvin said...

This sort of thing usually happens on our man's shift too.