Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shelter Saturday and more

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

More birthday news before I get to Shelter Saturday. My good buddy Monty Q. Kat pimped me up for a birthday present. I got shades and a pimp hat! Check it out at his blog. Click here.

Fish with catnip insides ... haute cuisine! Thanks, Scooter!

Here are some shelter kitties. They are, from left, Snap, Ginger and Douglas. They are the brother and sisters of Jeffrey - of whom the Investor has taken a bazillion photos.

They are very feral. My Investor thinks it is very strange that Jeffrey is so outgoing, while his family is so scared. Only Snap will go up to the Investor, but she does not want to be pet. The other two, particularly Douglas, want nothing to do with her. (I can't blame them! She stinks like human sometimes! That's why her arms require baths from Sara and me.)


Daisy said...

Jeffrey has a very handsome family. It is very interesting that only one of the siblings is friendly, and the rest are feral. I wonder how Jeffrey learned to be friendly to beans?

Princess said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful friends. We hope they very quickly learn to love living inside and find safety in love.


ps: you got some neato stuff for your b-day

Vincent and Mike said...

It sure is nice of your person to go visit the shelter kitties.

And, we wanted to wish you happy birthday, a couple days late. We're sorry we missed it on Thursday. Our person has been a slacker lately.

archi ann said...

those are some really cool shelter cats. And I love the glasses and hat - especially how the glasses change color. schweet

meemsnyc said...

Happy belated birthday! It's nice to meet your friends!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Are those cats at a shelter? If so, it must be a no kill shelter. We're a small county, so ours is a no frill shelter.

Jan took photos at a local adoption day yesterday and she says the adoptions went well but she wishes every animal that comes in would get a home.