Saturday, April 21, 2007

Still on vacation ...

Sara, Bogdan and Kat 3: Examples of the Golden Spiral? Hm. Not really. (Photo taken two weeks ago, when they were blissfully unaware they would soon be without their beloved sliding glass door window.)

By The Investor
The Morning Scratch human

I did not drive to Santa Barbara yesterday because of the rain. Honestly, I'm a scaredy-cat and didn't want to drive two hours there and back while it was raining.
I called them though, and Bogdan and Kat 3 are doing great! Bogdan is enjoying sitting in high places and looking down on everyone, while Kat 3 loves taking in the sights out of the business' front window from the comfort of one of several cat trees.
Sara is still quite scared, but if one of the nice girls carries her out of the cage, she will walk around a small area near the safety of her basket (just in case someone drops something or hisses and she needs to quickly return to under the blanket).
They all say hello. They also hope Lilly Lu feels better soon! They are purring for her. Sophia is holding an auction for Snuggles to help Lilly Lu pay her doctor bills. Check it out.
I hope to make it down to Santa Barbara soon so I can pick up Bogdan's report for you all, but we'll have to see how things go because I work today though Wednesday.

This photo was taken Monday before I left. It's the only one I haven't shared yet. Kat 3 sure felt comfy there right away!


Caesar and Princess said...

Poor sara. She wants to go home!
We are just relieved that she is not there alone and that Bogdan and Kat3 are there too... she knows that.. but it is good to be cautious and run for cover when necessary. I am sure those worker mommies there will take good care of all of them. they love kitties.


Daisy said...

What a sweet, peaceful photo! I didn't realize Bogdan was such a big boy compared to the girls.

I am glad Bogdan and Kat3 are doing so well. It sounds like Sara is starting to adjust, too. But I am sure they will be so happy when they can come home.

My Mommie said to tell you that she does not blame you for not driving all that way in the rain. That sounds scary, and you need to stay safe.

Parker said...

I'm happy to hear that Bogdan and Katrina have made themselves at home. It's nice that one of the girls there keeps a special eye on Sara. She sounds like my sister Powder, a little shy!

KJ's muse said...

Aw, what a great photo of the trio!

Um, I just sent you some sun. Has it arrived yet? ;)

Suzanne said...

great snugly photo.

how's the work on the facility going? did the lawyers have to threaten and posture?


ps this is my first visit, and you've got some great articles. bogdan, kat 3, and sara are excellent reporters!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I's nefur bin to Sandy Barabara, but mine Mom wented to skool there fur 3 yers (5 yers of kollege cuz she transfurred). She growed up in Man-Hat-Tan Beach, near Lost Angels. I didn't know yur Catifornia cats! I's not sure why, but mine beans moofed to Whiskonsin 15 or 150 years ago.

I fink Kat3 has the rite idea bout new places; I go to PetSmart wif Mom fur (ick) nail trims an ride in the cart. Good luck you guys!

Dragonheart said...

You three look very cozy and comfy in that top photo. Glad to hear that Bogdan and Kat3 have settled into the cat hotel comfortably. I hope Sara will be less scared.

Tara said...

My mom loves Santa Barbara, but she wouldn't have driven in the rain either. Poor Sara, hopefully she is getting used to it.

I thought it was pretty funny how Kat 3 dissapproved of the sheet making technique!