Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vacationing at the Cat House Hotel

By The Investor
Morning Scratch human

Since Monday, Bogdan, Sara and Kat 3 have been at the Cat House Hotel in Santa Barbara. Here are photos I took as I was leaving on Monday. I am off work tomorrow, so I hope to visit them and take photos. I also have a report to pick up from Bogdan that he would like me to share with you.

Bogdan: 'OK. Let me get this straight. It's my birthday. You put me in Sara's carrier with the PINK blanket when I like BLUE. AND you're leaving me here? I'm NOT cooperating and leaving my carrier. Put me back in the car and take me home!'

Sara: 'Mom, don't leave! I'm scared. Under the blanket and in the basket is the safest place, right?'
Kat 3: 'Mom, turn on the flash!' (Can you see I had to yell that?)
Kat 3: 'I love the Kat House Hotel! The nice girls here fill my food bowl more often than it is filled at home!! Yippee! Silly Sara and moody Bogdan don't know all the fun they are missing when they are hiding. I can't wait to meet new friends during free play. Teehee!'


Daisy said...

Good for you Kat 3, I am glad you are settling in and doing fine at the cat hotel. I feel sad for Bogdan and Sara because they look kind of scairt. I hope they are happier now! Can't wait to read Bogdan's report!

Parker said...

I hope that Sara and Bogdan are feeling a little safer now! New places are scary sometimes!

Tara said...

I hope you enjoy the cat hotel!

Thanks for leaving a comment for Lilly Lu.

Caesar and Princess said...

Kat3 always being flexible and adventurous Good for you sweetie!

Bogdan and Sara will settle in soon, and you are showing the perfect attitude and example.

(((hughug))) enjoy your ho-tel stay with the wonderful maids and servants

Can you have a nice radio playing in the back ground? mom let us take the transistor with the classical music that we love. I hope you have soothing sounds too

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

I look forward to reading the report from 'on location' at the Cat Hotel. Maybe the Investor can sneak in a laptop..?
Glad to see at least Kat3 is adjusting quickly.


Karen Jo said...

Have a good time at the cat hotel. I hope Bogdan and Sara feel safer by now.

Boy said...

Bogdan! You wook pwetty cwamped in there!

RainCatGirl said...

oh Bogdan, i'm so sad for you having to stay in the cat hotel and away from your investors. i hope kat3 and sara are keeping you komfy and kozy till you can go back home.

miss honey p.

The Meezer Gang said...

We would be scared in the Cat Hotel, too! We would want to go home!!!