Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hijacking the blog

By The Investor
Morning Scratch human

Kat 3 preparing a few weeks ago for the Cats of the Household Monopoly Championships, which has yet to be scheduled. Here, she is making sure the hotels are not rigged. 'I don't want a repeat of the problems at the Scrabble Championships!' Kat 3 said.
Cat House Hotel vacation update: Because of the work to our home, Bogdan, Sara and Kat 3 may be at the hotel for as long as another two weeks. Bogdan and Kat 3 are fine and enjoying themselves. I'm worried about Sara, because she hardly ever leaves her safety spot under the blanket in the basket. I hope to visit them soon, but I'm not sure that will be doable until next week. I miss them a lot.

While they are there, however, they will get some special spa treatments, including a nail clipping! I'm excited about not having to enlist the man for help in that task anytime soon.

Here's some photos of the house/Morning Scratch facility. We aren't allowed to enter the living/kitchen areas because it is cordoned off with plastic (hence the poor-quality photos taken through windows). The plastic kept the bad mold spores in the immediate area when cleanup was taking place. They also cleaned the air in the house with a HEPA filter.

Floors are up in the kitchen (apparently the mold beneath the floor was disgusting), and portions of drywall were removed to see if mold grew there, as well. You can't see it here, but parts of the cabinets were removed, too. We got mold test results today, and apparently the remediation removed the mold! Next up: Putting everything back to new.
Here's the dining/living area. Our new bamboo floors will hopefully go in May 7. Before that can be done, all the work in the kitchen on drywall, cabinets and plumbing needs to be completed.
The insurance company is taking care of all of this and we are being told that when work is complete, insurance representatives will contact us about subrogation, so the builder will have to pay (as it should be). Other problems the builder has not fixed we are going to fix so that we can FINALLY just live in the house. We'll then take him to small-claims court. We found out today he is building more houses. I really don't want to say his name here, but if you are buying a new house on the Central Coast, beware!!

Thanks for reading. The fun will return soon!!


Daisy said...

What a yucky thing to have to go through. I'm sure you can't wait to get back into your home. We have had our share of problems with builders, but nothing as bad as this.

I love bamboo floors; we might replace the carpeted areas in our house with bamboo!

I can't wait until you are all back home where you belong.

Caesar and Princess said...

I agree. We have had several new homes and lots of small problems, some medium... like leaky windows. It is very good that you got the builder and legal action is being taken. Good for you.
It is a big headache but in the end everything will be right.
I know you miss the babies. I would too. Perhaps they can continue to take Sara out and exercise her... probably by the time she feels at home there... it will be time to come home.

Good luck
Keep us up to date investor lady :-D

RainCatGirl said...

i'm worried about your sara too! is she not comforted by kat3 or bogdan. i know my honey would not like being away from her home for that long, she hates loud or strange noises that she is not used to. and she's a momma's girl, she would miss her momma too much

Boy said...

Oh dear! Another 2 weeks???
I've never been to a hotel before, but I do think so many weeks out of your house is definitewy no fun!

DaisyMae Maus said...

What's the deal with corporations tryin' to screw over our moms and dads?!? Don't they get that that type of behavior just isn't nice?

The Meezer Gang said...

You guys are going to go home to a palace!!! We hope it is sooner rather than later for Sara's sake!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, hendrix's mommy here. i'm sure you do miss the kitties. it is nice they are getting pampered. i hope sara perks up soon tho. maybe they can spray "feliway" around for her. it calms hendrix when we're away and when we spray his PTU (prisoner transport unit) for trips to the vet, it seems to help.
hendrix and i are crossing paws and fingers you'll be in your home sooner rather than later. sorry you have had so many problems. i had to quit a job because they wouldn't take care of the "viable mold problem" in the building. i hope the small claims court can help you.

Caesar and Princess said...

We nominated you and your blog for the thinking blog awardie. Come to our blog and see.

:-) We hope you have another good day
<3<3 C+P

DK & The Fluffies said...

Goodness - we hope everything gets back together soon!

Suzanne said...

wow! that's very bad. i'm so glad that it's getting fixed.

i'll teleport down to the hotel to spend some time with sara. i'm an older skittery kitty, and maybe i can help her feel a bit better.


Daniel said...

I hope you get to see them soon, especially Sara.

Karen Jo said...

I am sure that you miss the kitties dreadfully and they, especially Sara, miss you. I am glad that the work is getting done and that you are taking the builder to court. Thank you for dropping by my blog and wishing me well. My toes are doing much better now and the limericks have resumed.

Caesar and Princess said...

We are missing you. we hope all continues to go smoothly.
(((hugs))) to you kitties

~P+C and mommie too