Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Missing the kitties

By The Investor
Morning Scratch human

I miss them. They won't be back at the house until at least May 11 now. I'm going to visit them at the Cat House Hotel on Thursday. I wish this photo wasn't so grainy.

Last week, my husband and I had the same three days off (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), so we decided we needed to get out of town. We went to San Francisco. More on that in a minute.

I felt guilty for not going to Santa Barbara to check on the kitties, but I also needed a good break from the stress. I called them, though. Katrina is a social butterfly. I think the Cat House Hotel might want to keep her as the official greeter (I say, no chance on that! She's The Morning Scratch facility's official greeter). Bogdan is enjoying the outdoor screened-in porch. They both leave their cage in the morning for free play without hesitation. I'm glad they seem comfortable.

Sara is doing better. I think it's because Suzanne teleported over to spend some time with a fellow skittery kitty. They have been letting Sara walk around for a few minutes after the other kitties have been put away in the evening. She also will leave the safety of her blanket and basket during the day and hang out in her room. And on Sunday, she actually left the room all by herself — but apparently not for too long. She's baby steppin'.

Now that the mold is all gone, the insurance company says our house is habitable and it will no longer pick up the tab for a hotel, so here we are, living in a house, with no floors downstairs and no fridge or stove. Woohoo! (The microwave is still in the kitchen, apparently making it so we can eat, and therefore the insurance company also will no longer pay for our food. Nevermind the fact that all of our other kitchen items are packed away...)

This is the bamboo floor we decided on. It's a weaved bamboo, and we are buying it through a local environmentally friendly business, which is getting it from a Seattle-based company that makes its woods by European standards... which means very little formaldehyde. The laminate we are using is also friendly to the environment. Today, the painters are here; hopefully tomorrow or Friday the cabinet fixer guy will be here, so we can start installing the floors Monday. Cross your fingers and paws for us!


I'll keep this short. My husband and I went to San Francisco mostly to get our grub on. Some of my favorite restaurants are in that city, which is where I went to college. I love the MUNI! I love the food! I love Ocean Beach! It was great. On the way back down south, we stopped by the IKEA in East Palo Alto. I really want these racks for my kitchen. Look! Racks for spices. Racks for plants. Racks for whatever I want! The cats probably will see racks for cozy cat naps! We'll return to IKEA after the house is new again. I always find stuff I like there, and we need to buy a bed frame.

Tomorrow, I'll take lots of pictures of Bogdan, Sara and Kat 3 (who you are really here for) to share with all of you. Thanks for reading!


Caesar and Princess said...

We do not have blog rolling dot com because mom does not know how to do that sort of thing.... :-P so we have been checking here often.
YAY an uppie date.

Those cat hotels are such a blessing. those folks there are sooo wonderful you just want to buy each of them a bouquet of flowers or something. They are like kindergarten teachers. or the kindergarten bus driver (ours used to say "I am the mom when the mom is not here" and she was a doll)

This has been an ordeal and we are so proud of the kitties but we knew they would do well. Prinnie also teleported over and spend the night there with her and she and Suzanne made great success in boosting her confidence.

We are hoping for the best.
I guess the only good that came from this disaster... is some new toys and just new stuff.

<3 We are still keeping our paws crossed and sending good vibes.
Keep and eye on those workers!

C, P, and me

Parker said...

Soon they will be home. Kitty hotels are a blessing! It sounds like Sara is making good progress there. I bet you miss them so much! Enjoy the progress on your home and know it will be over soon!
Smooches from Parker!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

great noos

Suzanne said...

i think your microwave should mysteriously disappear! (heh)

i'm glad sara's coming out a bit. mama's going to be gone a long time tomorrow, so i'll head back down for a bit. it's good that prinnie was down for a night, too.

your sf trip sounds like it was exactly what you needed. ikea is great fun!


Daisy said...

I am very glad that Sara is doing better. I have been worried about her. That insurance company is bad!

At least the mold is all gone, and you can start counting the days until the family is back together again.

The Meezer Gang said...

We were very glad to hear that Sara was feeling better. We were kinda worried about her!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh I just love your flooring!

Tara said...

Your house is going to look so great! I hope you weren't impacted by the MacArthur maze mess, so far we haven't been. I glad the kitties are doing well but miss them.