Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Secret Paws for Bogdan

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

A very long time ago I received mail, and I tried to open it immediately, but the Investor stole it and hid it from me. The package was from Bebe. Hey, Bebe: Does it look like the Investor stole any of my gifts??? (I'm keepin' an eye on you, Investor.)

Here's a slide show of me very much enjoying the gifts from Bebe in Hawaii. Thanks, Bebe! You're awesome!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We gess it was worth waiting fur...but she cooda let you open it rite away! Awesome gifts.

小芥 michico said...

Great gift~!
Hope you guys have great fun~!

Bebe said...

Hi Bogdan! Yup it looks like yu got efurryfing I sent yu. The person in the bloo shorts didn't take owt anyfing before delivering it to yore howse. So glad yore haffing fun wiff the fev-vers!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Those are really great prezzies.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Wow! Lots and lotsa gifts!!!!

~Donny and Marie

Dragonheart said...

What a great Secret Paws package! :) Those Quincy feathers look wonderful. Enjoy! :)

Parker said...

Bogdan, I enjoyed watching you have fun with your SP gifts and your little Mohawk??!! ADORABLE!

Daisy said...

Those are some very good presents. You are right, Bebe sends good gifts! And Quincy is very nice to share his feathers, too. I never saw your little mohawk before. It is too cute!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

mommie watched a show on pbs about ferrets last nice, they were all so cute

Caesar and Princess said...

Oh my we missed this yesterday.
Mommie has been so busy she would not let us read around much on the innernets. We missed this

Bogdan, you are the epitome of cuteness and adorableness. Goodness!
You really raked in the goods too!!
What a wonderful suprprise!

Goodgrief mommie thinks you are too cute. She loves your french beret.

:::purrs::: Princess

paula said...

I am positive that your slide show is adorable. My mom and I can not watch it just like with the photo book. Something is really wrong with our laptop! :( On this one though, there's just a big empty space where the slide show should be. ... Congrats on your cool gifts, anyway.