Friday, December 7, 2007

Bogdan makes a friend

By Bogdan
Morning Scratch editor

As winner of the "So Scary it's Cute" category in the Halloween Costoom Contest, Bogdan won a sock kitty from Monty Q. Kat. The sock kitty came right up to the door the other day, in a box!
So yesterday, Bogdan, me, and the sock kitty hung out.
Here are the papparazzi photos.

"Hey, what's up??"

"This cat ain't bad. He's got a cool cat hat. It fits me well."

"We are buddies now."


Monty Q. Kat said...

I'm glad you like it-I snuck in the glasses and hat when MomBean wasn't looking. The spider kinda creeped me out, though.

Captain Jack and Dante said...

We love your new friend. What's his name?

Tybalt said...

That sock kitty is just TOO adorable!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

So Bogdan, what's yoor new buddies name?

Vincent and Mike said...

A kitty made of socks? Dat's so cool.

Mickey said...

That IS cute. The spider creeps Mom out too!! Since it's been so cold the spiders are coming indoors!! (Can you hear her screamimg?)

Poppy Q said...

Dat is a cool monty Q sock cat. I love you in the hat too!!

But, the glasses and mo thing - hahahaha

Have a good weekend.

Caesar and Princess said...

Bogdannnnnn buddy!!!
You got a cool sock kitty to hang out with! That is super great!

Daisy said...

That is a very, very cute sock kitty. I wonder if your sock kitty met my sock kitty when it was in the Sock Kitty Shelter? My sock kitty is named Craisy.

ps: My Christmas Angel had a Photoshop effect called "Lens Flare".

Hot(M)BC said...

Hey, your sock kitty looks like a grate friend! Our sock kitty furriend who lives here is named Pixel and she's nice. Even Pepi likes her even tho she's another girl in the house. ehhehe
Sanjee and the gang

archi ann said...

congrats on winning and very cool to have a new buddy!

Parker said...

How cool is that cat!?!
ps - come and visit me!

Skeeter And LC said...

Neat new friend ya got there! Does he mind if ya bite on him, or is he for snugglin only?