Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shelter Sunday

We now go to the Morning Scratch's Miss Sara, reporting today from the cuddly cup in the living room.

By Sara
Morning Scratch reporter

Cats of the Household are sometimes left alone at home while investor Mom goes to pet OTHER cats.
Since the move to the new Morning Scratch facility, investor Mom and the man Dad have been going to The North County Humane Society animal shelter to pet and groom OTHER kitties. It's a no-kill, cats-only shelter, according to Morning Scratch sources.
Investor Mom and the man Dad return to the Morning Scratch facility with funny smells, and Bogdan gets very upset.
"How dare they get other cats' smells on their shoes!" Bogdan said, while throwing newspapers off his cat tree. "Those are my shoes! I marked them first!"
Investor Mom and the man Dad don't know all the kitties' names yet, but here are photos of a few of the friends they made there.


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

That is nice that you get to report from the cuddley cup!!
It's not so bad that they go visit other cats, but I would definitely draw the line at bringing any home. maybe you should sit them down for a chat.

Daisy said...

Miss Sara, this is a very good report (and boy does that cuddly cup look cozy!). My Mommie volunteers at a cat shelter too, but she changes clothes before I even get to sniff her. And she leaves her shoes in the garage! Those shelter cats look awfully cute. I hope they get homes soon.

RainCatGirl said...

lovely report miss sara and that cuddlely cup does look very cuddlely.

Miss honey p.

Caesar+Princess said...

these kitties look so happy and well loved by such loyal and caring volunteers. I hope they all get a home soon.


Parker said...

Mommy does the same thing on the weekends. She doesn't let us near her until she takes off her shelter clothes and shoes. She doesn't want us to catch anything, although I really enjoy catching stuff. It's nice of your folks to help homeless kitties! You should be proud of them! Just make sure they know you don't want any new "additions" to your family!